Asrulhisyam Ishak

Another co-founder of the club. Asrulhisyam bin Ishak @ Che Man is from Baling, Kedah. He is one of a kind that is blessed with a natural multi-talent. His contribution to RAKL especially on the technical part is undeniable.

His melancholy character makes him to prioritize the quality over quantity. He is also known to have “Never Give Up” attitude.

With his ability, the RAKL repeater can be reached at most areas in central region. Not to mention those from Johor and Riau, Indonesia who are also able to communicate through the same repeater.

His only hope is that RAKL will continue to evolve with all the activities that have been planned especially in technical research.

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Get well soon 9W2DBO frm all of us at #RAKL. Now admitted at Hospital Ampang. 6th Floor, Bed 26B

by Radio Amatur

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