Mohd Yusri Mohd Yusuf

Mohd Yusri Mohd Yusuf, a successful businessman. He is also a member of Police Volunteer Reserve (PVR). His dedicated and disciplined characters are the reason why he is chosen to be the Secretary of KRT (Kawasan Rukun Tetangga) at his housing area.

Holding a position of Assistant Secretary in RAKL, he does help a lot in assisting Pak Long to complete whatever the necessary tasks related to the club.

His ambition is to create awareness within the departmental of government agencies and NGOs about amateur radio. Being a PVR, he does hope that the government agencies together with the NGOs can help reduce the crime rate by make use of amateur radio.

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Get well soon 9W2DBO frm all of us at #RAKL. Now admitted at Hospital Ampang. 6th Floor, Bed 26B

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