Mohd Azizir Rahim Ahmad Zakornain

At once, he was appointed as Sponsorship Committee Member, then holding the position of Internal Account Auditor, now 9W2ZRO the co-founder of RAKL is just holding an ordinary membership in RAKL.

Born in Perak and now staying in Bandar Tasik Permaisuri, he works at Universiti Malaya as rescuer. His interest in amateur radio develops when he saw his father communicating with his friends using amateur radio.

During his free time, he enjoys scuba diving, listening to the music and taking underwater picture. He also hopes RAKL will have its annual activity. This is to bridge the relationship with other hams.

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Get well soon 9W2DBO frm all of us at #RAKL. Now admitted at Hospital Ampang. 6th Floor, Bed 26B

by Radio Amatur

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