Zulyaddin Ali

Living with his wife and four kids, 9W2LBN or fondly called as Pak Leban is the committee members of Kelab Peminat Radio Amatur Kuala Lumpur (RAKL). He is also one of the active members in Kelab 4x4 REDAH which he holds the position of Vice President.

A part from his interest in outdoor sports, he is also interested in amateur radio in which it is one of his hobbies. Pak Leban is a type of person who is very warm and friendly.

He is hoping that RAKL will be the inspiration in closing the gap of relationship between hams through-out nationwide.

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Get well soon 9W2DBO frm all of us at #RAKL. Now admitted at Hospital Ampang. 6th Floor, Bed 26B

by Radio Amatur

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