Dear ham operators, please be informed that our main RAKL repeater (9M4RZS) is now undergoing system upgrade. Hence, you may use our secondary repeater (9M4RSD) Freq: 147.950MHz Shift:-600kHz Tone: 233.6Hz

Salam Ramadhan Kareem Al Mubarak to all muslim ham operators around the world from all of us, the management team of Radio Amatur Kuala Lumpur (RAKL)

Our thoughts and prayers are with all the passengers and crew of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 as well as their loved ones. May the Almighty God made ease of the operation of Search and Rescue (SAR). Ameen.

There were 60 amateur stations who participated in the RAKL Check Net session last Friday (31 January 2014). The first amateur station who manged to check-in is9W2KRK, while the 50th and the 60th amateur stations who managed to check-in respectively are 9W2ICC and 9W2YDR. For these 3 local amateur stations, kindly liaison with the club's President to receive a small token of appreciation. Amongs local amateur stations, RAKL did received participation from Bengkalis, Riau, Indonesia. QRA is YC5RJD handled by Encik Muhamaad Tahar or better known as Cikgu Tahar. On behalf of the RAKL Management Team, we would like to thank for your continuation support. Thank you.

Please be informed that RAKL Touch & Go Multipurpose Card is now ready for collection. However, a small fee of RM30 will be charged to cover the cost of production. Payment is to be made under RAKL Maybank Account. The account number is:- 5644 9021 4241. Please email or Whatsapp your proof of payment to Pak Long. To get a sneak preview of RAKL Touch & Go Multipurpose Card, kindly click to this link here Thank You.

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Get well soon 9W2DBO frm all of us at #RAKL. Now admitted at Hospital Ampang. 6th Floor, Bed 26B

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